You're Fired
Episode number 23
Season 1
Airdate October 7, 2012
Episode chronology
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"New Intern?" "New Boss?"
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You're Fired is the twenty-third episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie starts to enjoying more of Scene's company now that she's a hipster, Metal starts to get more irritated by Rayna's bad attitude and Intern 2 wants to go back to the way things were with him and Indie.


With Scene now as a hipster, Indie now find her attractive and been doing almost everything together. They soon decide to check on how Rayna is doing with MyMusic News.

In the room, with Intern 2 helping Metal out with equipment, Rayna shows up late, now dressed up in punk rock clothes and with the new intern, Punk, with whom Rayna considers to be her boy and bandmate. Instead of shooting the news, they want to do a music video. When Metal tells Punk that he's not hired to be in a band but being an intern, Punk tells them that he's will not follow the intern rules, in which offends Intern 2. When Indie and Scene enter, Indie allow both Punk and Rayna to shoot the video which upsets both Metal and Intern 2.

Now annoyed and angry by what's going on, Intern 2 goes to Indie's office, get on all fours and telling him that he knows he wants to use him as a footstool and start verbally abuse him. Indie becomes hesitant, but starts to verbally abusing him once again, in which makes Intern 2 happy.

Now that Intern 2 and Indie's relationship is now back to the way it was, Indie then fires both Punk and Rayna. As a result, Punk leaves, telling Rayna off. Intern 2 tells Rayna that she will find an awesome guy. After thanking him, she punches him, as a force of habit.

Meanwhile, Metal tells Indie that Scene is the only one who can keep MyMusic News going, thus making her turn back to the way she was. However, Indie refuses because he enjoys talking with her with the same interests, in which Metal tells him that he's disappointed in him not seeing that it's true.

Back in his office, Indie opens his drawer to get tickets for Rushmore on Ice, he finds the letter for him Scene before her change. After reading the letter that tells her feelings for him are the reason that she's happy to be herself, he made two avatars of him and Scene. He shows this to her and she immediately changes back, telling the audience that he has a soul too. But when she says 4chan again, everyone knows they will go through this whole episode again, but laugh it off. :)


YOU'RE FIRED! (MyMusic Episode 23)-008:30

YOU'RE FIRED! (MyMusic Episode 23)-0

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