Truth and Lies
Episode number 29
Season 1
Airdate December 2, 2012
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"Return of the Hipster" "Company Picnic"
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Truth and Lies is the twenty-nineth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, everyone, except Scene, grow fond of Indie's new girlfriend, Loco Uno.


Although not been with the staff for a whole day, Loco starts to bond with everyone, mainly with Idol, whom received a little knitted purse, Metal, who received the very first "crow hawk", and Techno & Dubstep, whom she starts also appreciates the same music as they do. However, Scene, wanting to like her, but can't because she still has a crush on Indie. As a result, she created an avatar version of Loco, which its first name is "Loco" and last name is "Is An Idiot."

When Loco crosses Idol singing at her desk, she tells her that she loves it, much to Metal's dismay. Wanting to keep going, Loco suggests Idol singing Daughtry, much to both Idol and Metal's confusion, due to their general dislike of his music. Thinking quickly, Loco says that she was just kidding, to which both employees are convinced she was. Meeting Hip Hop in the breakroom, she starts to asks questions about the sensitivity of his hands, suggesting that she might know that he knows how cello as well as might know that he's a poser.

All day Scene kept an eye on her, hoping that she would slip up. When Scene catches her wearing a necktie, something a hipster would never wear, she quickly takes a picture of her wearing it. However, Loco reveals that the tie is part of an anti-corporation statue project at a metrosexual art gallery opening. She warns Scene to not use instagram on facebook, stating it's no longer cool and tosses across the room in which Scene runs to get it.


  • This is the first episode in which Intern 2 doesn't appear in.


TRUTH AND LIES! - MyMusic Episode 29

TRUTH AND LIES! - MyMusic Episode 29