The Guess Guy, also known as 22 centguy, is a man who first appeared to be on an "office date" with Idol, but was told to leave after repeatedly asking her "guess, guess, guess ", to his questions, visibly annoying her. He became a recurring character for the show and a running gag is his constant repetition of "guess, guess, guess" when speaking with someone, such as acting as the bouncer for Indie's party and would only allow Scene inside if she was able to "guess, guess" how many people were inside.

Trivia Edit

  • He first appeared on the episode Office Dates
  • He used to work for Mainstrem Value Burgur but quit because he was cheated by them.
  • When he asked Metal to guess, guess, guess his name Metal guessed Doug.

My Music Show - Guess 10 Minute Loop10:03

My Music Show - Guess 10 Minute Loop

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