Team Building?
Episode number 9
Season 2
Airdate October 15, 2013
Episode chronology
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"Origins" "Sleep Working"
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Team Building? is the forty-third episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Indie continues with team building exercises amongst the employees, Country continues with her karma episodes and Scene arrives late for work.


At the beginning of the episode, Country explains that the doctor tells her to take pills for the pain, but refuses, mostly because she cannot take them with her limited movement of fingers in her arm casts.

Meanwhile, Indie asks everyone to come up with team building ideas. Nerdcore thought of the idea of LARPing and Metal thought of butchering meat. However Dubstep actually beats Nerdcore in LARPing and show off that he can butcher better than Metal, much to their surprise. Country tries to cheer them up with a hoedown, only to have her legs being broken. Indie then suggests to do an activity with limited competition, to which leads to dumpster diving, much to the dismay of the employees.

Soon, Scene arrives late because of school and finds no one is around, in which she states she hopes it's a prank, unlike what happened when she returned home and her parents weren't there. The employees then return from dumpster diving, in which turns out Dubstep found a gold nugget in the garbage.  Indie then tells everyone to get back to work, especially Intern 2, who apparently continues with his fetish with office work.


  • LARPing is short for "Live Action Role-Playing Game".


TEAM BUILDING?! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 9)05:51

TEAM BUILDING?! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 9)

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