Stand Up For Yourself!
Episode number 13
Season 2
Airdate November 12, 2013
Guest starring Joey Graceffa as Vampire Temp
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"Attention & Affection" "Challenges & Charity"
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Stand Up For Yourself! is the forty-seventh episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Rayna wants to learn to play the cello like Apocalyptica, Intern 2 tries to stand up for himself and Scene gets some distressing news.


Still working as a temp, Rayna keeps trying to get her father, Metal, to notice her again. Learning that Metal listens to metal cello band, Apocalyptica, she then decides to go to Nerdcore (she calls him Hip-Hop, unaware that of his name change) to learn the cello. However, he charges $50 an hour, the type of money to which Rayna doesn't have. However, when Rayna tells him "You're my only hope." Nerdcore agrees on one condition; having her being dressed up as Princess Leia (for the week, Nerdcore is dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi). Realizing she dressed up as a Star Wars character, to which she considers "nerdy", she runs off. However, while talking to the camera, she tries to hide the fact she doesn't know Star Wars by calling her Leia costume a Wookie costume. However, she soon realizes that's she reveals her secret to the audience.

Meanwhile, Intern 2 decides to stand up for himself against Indie for all the times he has been abused, to which Country, still trying to avoid karma, supports. He goes to Indie, who tells him to get out of office, but Intern 2 refuses and tells Indie that he now wants to become a paid employee. However, Indie refuse to option and slams the door in Intern 2's face.

Meanwhile, once again Scene, arrives late for work. She tries to avoid Indie, but he caught her trying to sneak in. He tells her to either quit school or she will be fired from work.