Someone Quits!
Episode number 16
Season 2
Airdate December 3, 2013
Guest starring Joey Graceffa as Vampire Temp
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"Healing & Dealing" "Insane Wife"
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Someone Quits! is the fiftieth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Rayna finally gets her dad to notice her, Scene makes a decision, and Intern 2 reveals news about his future at the company.


At the start, Nerdcore starts teaching Rayna to learn to play the cello to impress her dad. And when the time comes, she plays horribly, to which Metal points out. However, when Rayna tells him why she started playing, Metal reveals that the main reason he has been working so hard to show her that he's not a slacker and also the fact they are having a baby on the way. Which concludes Rayna quitting, much to her delight.

Meanwhile, Scene finally stands up to Indie about him making her choose MyMusic or school, summoning it up that all the time she gives him attention and affection, he never gives it back, ignoring all the good stuff he did for her and making her quitting school and not seeing another guy that she began to like. When she brings the latter up, Indie becomes surprised by this.

Later on, Indie gather all the staff together, stating that he wanted everyone at MyMusic to be happy. As a result, not only does he let Scene keep attending school, he gets into the other employees' interests. He also accepted the fact the charity drive was actually Country's idea.

When Indie states he's glad the entire MyMusic family is firmed together again, Intern 2 reveals he's about to graduate from school, resulting his his internship at MyMusic will end and will start his new job at the Acid Factory, creating float charts and to be paid in actual money and not Monopoly money, to which Indie can't believe he figured out. Also, Country once again mentions about her guru, to which Metal reveals that the guru is actually the title character of the show, My Name is Earl, a scripted sitcom and not a documentary, to which Country is surprised that sitcoms are in fact scripted, to which all of the MyMusic staff make it aware they are in a scripted web show.