Single Ladies
An infuriated Rayna finds out Idol has eyes for her crush.
Episode number 10
Season 1
Airdate June 24, 2012
Guest starring Shane Dawson (Chip)
Lia Marie Johnson (Rayna)
Episode chronology
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"Office Dates" "Mystery Solved"
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Single Ladies is the 10th episode of MyMusic. It revolves around Idol's failed relationship from her recent boyfriend, meanwhile Indie tries to find out who's spreading the glitter and Scene tries to find out how to attract him.


When coming into work, Indie finds the glitter has spread, even spreading to his scarfs, much to his annoyance. Meanwhile, Idol announces that she’s breaking up with her new boyfriend, Chip (Shane Dawson), do the fact he isn’t a fan of Beyoncé, someone whom Idol believes writes her own material, despite Chip pointing out that she doesn’t. When Idol tries to separate some stuff from a box for each other, including a dead cat with stitches, Chip storms off, taking only a DVD copy of Kate & Leopard, in which Idol calls it, “God’s gift to humanity.” For support, she talks to Rayna, telling her that no one likes the same music as her nor anyone fulfill her life as her work does. But when she over hears Intern 2 saying that he isn’t into Techno & Dubstep's taste in music and his work is important to him, immediately becomes attracted to him, which makes Rayna jealous. In the break room, Scene talks to Hip Hop, about her love of glitter. Hip-Hop believes she’s the one who is spreading the glitter all over the office. But she reveals she has a crush on Indie and wants his advice on Indie noticing her, in which he questions her on wasting his time. When Indie walks in, Scene believes he wants to talk her, only to literally push her aside to talk to Hip-Hop on why there’s so much glitter.


SINGLE LADIES! (MyMusic Episode 10)

SINGLE LADIES! (MyMusic Episode 10)

Single Ladies