Hipster scene and indie
Scindie is the romantic shipping of Scene and Indie. It is a very popular if not the most popular ship in MyMusic fandom. For the time being, it is mostly one sided, but many shippers think that will change soon. You still have probably never heard of it.


Scene has been in love with Indie ever since she laid eyes on him and constantly tries to win his heart. For the most part, Indie ignores Scene and regards her as just an intern. Occasionally, Indie will somewhat return her affections such as when Scene was a hipster. In Party Time, Indie lets his guard down and dances with Scene for a little bit. While he can be harsh at times, Indie ultimately wants the best for Scene as shown when he eventually agrees to letting her balance both going to school and working at MyMusic in season two.


Picture GalleryEdit

Fan Art


Heaven Isn't Too Far Away Indie x Scene01:07

Heaven Isn't Too Far Away Indie x Scene

Indie, he could be the one00:57

Indie, he could be the one

MyMusic You Belong With Me (Scendie)03:51

MyMusic You Belong With Me (Scendie)

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