Raver Madness
Episode number 4
Season 2
Airdate September 10, 2013
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"Hot and Cold" "I Quit"
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Raver Madness is the thirtieth-eighth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, both Idol and Hip Hop are going through an identity crisis and Metal rethinks about his recent position in the company.


Since the previous webisode, Idol has been hanging out with both Techno & Dubstep at raves so she can prepare herself for the Technicolor Sunflower Freakout, a training that requires her to rave for fifteen hours straight. However, this is putting a strain on Idol's time with her cousin Country, saying that Idol has been "raving forever and a day."

Meanwhile, Metal is shown enjoying himself as the dealer at the poker game with Satan, Scarfman, Rat Protector, News Newsman and Relay Runner. But when Relay Runner starts singing Kenny G., Satan, whom he mistook the song for John Denver, stabs him in both legs. Shocked, Metal decides to back out of the game. However thanks the Newsman, who has a habit of reporting the news, Metal is the dealer of an illegal poker game. Annoyed by Newsman, Satan stabs him in the chest. However, to surprise them both, Newsman is still alive.

Also, Intern 2 becomes concerned about Hip Hop, who is reverting back to his old poser self for the sake of his friendship with Indie, but fears that if he intervenes, he will get shot again. With the help of Scene, they try to convince him to be true to himself and stop Indie to push him around. However, Indie does that to Intern 2. When Scene tries to invited Hip Hop to her place to watch one her favorite shows, Indie says they're both busy by blasting loud music at the elderly. When learning Scene drop out of school, Indie heard Intern 2 yellow out the word, "drop", and makes Hip Hop to drop a bar soup, to Intern 2 disgust, wash the entire company's floors.