ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) is a dance crew featuring 5 members who are known as the most popular crew around according to Techno & Dubstep. They teamed up with MyMusic to create and film their new dance move called "The Jolt", directed by Metal. They are the creators of popular internet dance crazes such as "The Speed Skate", "The Brain Freeze", "The Abusive Relationship", "The Katrina", and "The Nap". They are also known to be friends with Techno & Dubstep.


  • ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) is compiled of different stars of the most popular shows by The Fine Brothers, Kids React & Teens React. Not only do these Kids React stars appear on MyMusic, but Lia Marie Johnson who plays Rayna also was a past star of Kids React (she currently stars on Teens React now that she is a teenager).
  • Currently, it's three of the crew's are named LeaderLunch, and Babyface.
  • Leader states that they came up with the name ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) because they were rolling on the floor, laughing, when their friend Colon said that he'd be right back and that he'd talk to them later. Then he smiled.