MyMusic 2x8
Episode number 8
Season 2
Airdate October 8, 2013
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"Saying Goodbye :(" "Team Building"
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Origins is the forty-second episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Country reveals her back story and Scene is now back in college.


Country reveals that after she won Amazing Survival Bachelorette Millionaire, she embarked on a quest to spread her religion around the country. However she soon changed for the worst, starting to lust after men and women (and Scarfman), eating a lot, and becoming a hoarder in the hopes of getting back on TV. Eventually she is mugged and, since the weapon used to knock her out was a giant Bible, decided to change her ways. And because she committed all seven sins, she decided to commit to seven different religions. Her life was then turned into a movie. However it wasn't released on Redbox because of the adult content. But can be found on BitTorrent.  

Meanwhile, Indie starts some teambuilding exercises. Country eagerly tries to grab her binder of things that can help change a group, but it's on a really high shelf and can't reach it, denying the others' offering help, eventually falling and breaking her arms. When Intern 2 is unharmed by Indie not catching him during a trust fall, Country sees this as a sign: Intern 2 does whatever he's told without complaining, but Country snapped at her new coworkers before she got to know them.

Meanwhile, Scene goes back to school and meets a guy in her music theory class, Jeff Pookie (who's last name coincidentally is the same as one of Scene's avatars who was killed by 4chan), who is a lot like her: is really emotionally attached to his avatars and loves My Chemical Romance and was distraught when they broke up. At the end he invites Scene (whom he knows only by her real name, Norma Haish) to join his study group. Scene ends the episode saying she doesn't know how to categorize her feelings for him, ruling out romantic as she's reserved those for Indie, and deciding, temporarily on "citnamor sgnileef", as that's what it looks like when she tries to read it.


  • Despite Idol leaving, Hip Hop being changed to Nerdcore on the intro and Country being added to the intro, Idol still appears in the intro.
  • We learn in this episode that Country's middle name in Chapin.
  • This is the first in-show use of Scene's real name, Norma Haish (previously used on her LinkedIn).
  • On the bottom of the poster for "Amazing Survival Bachelarette Millionaire", it reveals the show is produced by Satan, and continues with "Warning: Winning this show will lead you on a path of the devil.
  • "citnamor sgnileef" is romantic feelings spelled backwards.


ORIGINS! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 8)10:57

ORIGINS! (MyMusic Season 2 Episode 8)

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