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Luke Pierre Barats
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Old Metal
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Season 1-2

Old Metal was the Head of Production before the current Metal took over, and seems to be a big fan of Papa Roach. All that is known of him is that he is actually a poser, having little knowledge of the history of the metal genre. This led Indie to have the Rat Protector banish him to the rats where he remains. Later, when Hip Hop was banished there, he was dismayed when he found out that Papa Roach wasn't doing anything. He then formed an escape plan with Hip Hop to escape the rat room, however Hip Hop ended up escaping and not helping Old Metal escape. Old Metal would later run into the exact same situation when Scene was thrown into the room.

Side Plots on TwitterEdit

During Season 2 - Old Metal began finding a way to escape the Rat Protector's underground lair. He announced this at the start of October 2013. By the end of October, he had escaped thanks to a plastic spoon he had found, and a small hole at the edge of the lair. In January 2014, he realised that he'd forgotten his beanie, and went back to get it from the office. Loco Uno then complained with the words "WHERE ARE YOU?! I NEED YOU!!", showing that the two of them had met at some point.