Indie HipHop
Nerdie is the friendship pairing of Nerdcore and Indie. Most people ship this as pure bromance which is shown in a decent amount of the episodes. Romantically speaking, it's not as popular due to Nerdtern 2 and Scindie.


Beginning in the episode Dual Mysteries, Indie began to first use Nerdcore as his Watson to help solve the mysteries of how Metal had a teenage daughter, and later to find the source of the glitter showing up everywhere in the office. In Single Ladies, Indie even asked Nerdcore if he wanted to go to the super exclusive party at the office, which Nerdcore would have gone to if he didn't have to play dice with the homies. Hip Hop's relationship with Indie was still somewhat secretive since Nerdcore was a poser, and Indie loathed posers. When Nerdcore defended Intern 2 in Party Time, Indie actually listened to Nercore and carried him off on his shoulders. Though when Hip Hip revealed himself as a nerd and a poser, Indie sent him to the rats in New Staff?!, but Indie showed regrets later. He even rehired him after Loco had been revealed as a poser despite his hatred for posers. It will be interesting to see where their bromance leads when Nerdcore no longer has to pretend to be gangsta' and can be his true self.

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