Mystery Solved
Hip Hop investigates the mysterious glitter piles.
Episode number 11
Season 1
Airdate July 1, 2012
Guest starring Olga Kay (Raver)
Lia Marie Johnson (Rayna)
Episode chronology
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"Single Ladies" "They Finally Kiss"
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Mystery Solved is the 11th episode of MyMusic (show). The episode revolves around both Indie and Hip Hop finally finding out where the glitter comes from, Intern 2 constantly sneezing and both Rayna and Idol start a rivalry for Intern 2.


With some clues, as well as a witness, both Indie and Hip Hop are getting closer to the mystery of the glitter. They question the witness (who likes touching Indie's new tweed Sherlock Holmes hat), who reveals that there will be a rave at MyMusic later at night. Meanwhile, both Rayna and Idol start to drool over Intern 2, in which both start to physically fight over him.


Indie takes over Techno & Dubstep's secret raves.

At one point, Rayna's father, Metal, encourages it when he tells Rayna to how properly choke someone. Later that night at the rave, Indie and Hip Hop soon arrive to see that both Techno & Dubstep are running the rave. Indie agrees to let them to have raves, as long as they charge 10 dollars ahead and he gets DJ privileges. Both Techno and Dubstep refuse, but Hip Hop threatens, which they relucantly agree. Meanwhile, Intern 2 is constantly getting sick, to the fact that Indie stole his cetirizine medicine.


  • At the end, when the ravers mistake Intern 2 as a DJ named Elephant, Intern 2 starts to say, "I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being! I ... am ... a ... man!" This is a reference to the David Lynch film, The Elephant Man, in which the title character, when being chased by an angry mob for his looks, cries out the famous line.
  • After the episode, a massive Twitter trend began after the Rayna/Idol fight whether users were for #TeamIdol or #TeamRayna.


MYSTERY SOLVED! (MyMusic Episode 11)

MYSTERY SOLVED! (MyMusic Episode 11)

Mystery Solved