Mina finale
Mina is the romantic pairing of Metal and Tina. This relationship is canon since Metal and Tina are currently married.


Metal and Tina met at a Coal Chamber concert at Ozzfest '96 when they were 12 where they started making out and "who knows what happened" which led to Tina becoming pregnant with their daughter Rayna. Tina's parents were very religious, so Tina and Metal had a shotgun wedding at age 13. They've been together ever since raising their daugther together. Since they got married and had Rayna, Tina has turned from a metalhead into a stereotypical 1950's housewife. Despite Metal saying that he likes getting away from his family at work, he's been shown to love and care about Tina on numerous occasions like when she reverted back into her metal phase. Both of their personalities seem to balance each other out. Right now, Tina is pregnant with her and Metal's next child.

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