Kiss & Tell!
Episode number 18
Season 2
Airdate December 17, 2013
Guest starring Lisa Schwartz as Tina
Paul Butcher as Jeff Pookie
Joey Maloney as Blurred Face Guy
Episode chronology
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"Insane Wife" "Family Breakdown"
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Kiss & Tell! is the fifty-second episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Scene gets worried about taking her relationship further with Jeff, Metal continues with Tina's pregnancy and Indie finally found Intern 2's replacement.


While Country meditates, Scene goes over to her to ask if she should take her relationship with Jeff to the next step. At first Country thinks it's about sex. However, Scene reveals the next step is actually kissing. Country advises her that if he breaks up with her because of it, he isn't the one unless he understands.

Soon, Jeff appears at the office to bring Scene a present. Pretty soon, Indie, who turned away an applicant with a blur face because he refuses to sign to be on camera and to wear a mic, hires Jeff to replace Intern 2, much to Scene's delight.

Meanwhile,  Metal is at home delivering groceries for Tina. At first Tina seems calm and apologize to Metal for her hormones. However, when she learns he gotten the wrong type of food, she goes on a pregnancy rampage.

Meanwhile, both Scene and Jeff are at Scene's place to study. At first, Jeff moves in to kiss her. However, Scene stops him telling him that she's not ready. Pretty soon, Jeff is surprised that Scene has several candies in her room.