Insane Wife!
Episode number 17
Season 2
Airdate December 10, 2013
Guest starring Lisa Schwartz as Tina
Joey Graceffa as Vampire Temp
Toby Turner as Satan
Jimmy Wong as Leader
Sara Fletcher as Viking
IM5 as IM5
Episode chronology
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"Someone Quits" "Kiss & Tell"
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Insane Wife! is the fifty-first episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Metal's wife, Tina, is constantly going through mood swings during the pregnancy while trying to find ways to see Metal at work, and Indie looks through several replacements for Intern 2.


After Metal filmed Techno & Dubstep for The Mosh, Tina comes in for a "kissy". But when Metal refuses, Tina's mood swings kicks in, in which a scared Metal does give in. At first, after Metal kisses her, Tina looks at the color of the wall, the mood swings kicks again, saying it wants her to kill four people, in which she then leaves.

Meanwhile, Scene is seen upset the fact Intern 2 is leaving, and wonders what the company Intern 2 is going is getting that MyMusic isn't giving. When Intern 2 tells her money, Scene says that she doesn't need money because she has candy, to which she gets from her Twitter followers. Indie, however, is satisfied at the fact Intern 2 is leaving. Thus, he decides to hire a new intern before Intern 2 leaves so Indie can fire him. Many of the competitors are Rayna (who confuses Indie because she quit from the previous episode), Viking, Leader, Vampire Tim, Satan, and boy band IM5, whom, apparently, thought were auditioning for a gig.