Hintern 2
Flowcore (also known as Nerdtern 2 and Hintern 2) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Nerdcore and Flowchart. Ever since Nerdcore became one of Flowchart's only friends, they have formed a different kind of friendship, and many people just ship the bromance. 


When Nerdcore told Flowchart  he was a poser in State of Shock, Flowchart kind of became Nerdcore's personal therapist and confidant at work about all of his nerdy secrets. At first, just went along with keeping Nerdcore's secret out of fear after Nerdcore had shot him to cover up their association in front of Indie. To prevent Nerdcore from being revealed as a poser, Flowchart pretended that Nerdcore's iPod that had Daughty on it was his in Cover Up. Nerdcore also didn't want Flowchart to fired in Party Time so he defended him when everyone except for Scene wanted him gone. He even called Flowchart the Amy Pond to his Matt Smith. Flowchart frequently tweets about him and Nerdcore hanging out, but always had to cover up their secret friendship until Nerdcore was finally revealed as a poser.


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Intern 2 and HipHop's Bromance-0

Intern 2 and HipHop's Bromance-0