Family Breakdown!
Episode number 19
Season 2
Airdate December 24, 2013
Guest starring Lisa Schwartz as Tina
Paul Butcher as Jeff Pookie
Eric Beckerman as Teenage Gut Baby
Zeke Thomas as Gut Baby
Adam Lusk as Teenage Crap Smear
Jason Medwin as Crap Smear
Canon Kuipers as Young Metal
Andy Pessoa as Teenage Metal
Georgia T. Willow as Young Tina
Sydney Scotia as Teenage Tina
Addison Ohrmund as Toddler Rayna
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"Kiss & Tell" "Fired"
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Family Breakdown! is the fifty-third episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, Intern 2 gives away farewell gifts to his colleagues and Metal looks back at his former days.


Intern 2, who will be leaving MyMusic soon, gives gifts to everyone. For Scene, a book for helping her on essays, even though she confuses it for a book about dinosaurs. He then gives Nerdcore one of two bullets Nerdcore shot him with, while Intern 2 has the other one. But at the last minute, he gives Techno & Dubstep, whom he forgot to get gifts for, he gave them post-its, much to their delight. Country reveals that Idol sent Intern 2 a letter that she heard that he was leaving and asks Country to give Intern 2 a slap for her.

Meanwhile, Tina and Rayna visit the office. Metal then shows them a flashback cam to look into the past when there weren't any cameras around at those moments. In the past, they watch the early days of Metal and Tina's marriage, to which it turns out Metal keeps dropping Rayna constantly. It also shows Metal's old band, Jars of Vomit, which he revealed to be his dream to do.

Later on, Metal decides to bring back the band together. Seeing this, Tina's hormones kick in, this becoming upset that they're together again. However, Metal explains it would only be a hobby. However, Metal and his band decide to go on tour, much to Tina's sadness that he's doing it and might not be there when the baby will be born.