Dual Mysteries
Rayna quickly aquatints herself with the MyMusic staff.
Episode number 8
Season 1
Airdate June 10, 2012
Guest starring Lia Marie Johnson as Rayna
Episode chronology
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"Secret Lives" "Office Dates"
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Dual Mysteries is the 8th episode of MyMusic. It follows Metal's daughter Rayna getting adjusted to her father's workplace and Hip Hop and Indie working as detective partners to solve the various mysteries in the workplace.


We leave off from where we stopped on our last episode, as Metal and his daughter, Rayna, start to fight about shout-outs and metal bands. Later, we learn that Idol and Rayna are now "officially BFFs", as Idol tells Rayna her fake past of being a nerd, then turning to a wolf frequently and taking ettiquette lessons from her fairy grandmother ("I learned I was cute AND smart!"). She then tells her that they even made a movie about it, but it was a straight-to-DVD film. Idol and Rayna prove to be friends, as they both laugh the same laugh and both use the expression "totes" a lot. Rayna also has a crush on Intern 2, who she finds a great conversationalist.

Meanwhile, Indie is still wondering about why Metal has a daughter and that Metal is too young to be a dad and the glitter appearing around the workplace. He gets Hip Hop to be his assistant to help him in this case. Rayna and Idol are still getting along and Scene comes up, wondering how to impress Indie. They tell her that her emo-like wardrobe isn't the right choice, but instead Rayna smears Scene's makeup, as she runs away in embarassment, hoping Indie doesn't see. Soon, Idol gives Rayna a lesson in honesty when Idol nearly gets fired for not replacing the coffee, but she rewinds time to undo this ("I only rewind time once every ten years.").


Idol and Rayna become best friends.

Indie and Hip Hop call Metal into a darkened room, now having clues and thought-out reasons of how Metal is a parent. Hip Hop demonstrates the well-illustrated diagram. Metal finally tells them of the moment he became a parent- Metal and Rayna's mom, Tina, met when they were 12 at a metal concert. Before anyone knew it, Metal and Tina kissed and made out until 9 months later came a baby. Metal and Tina soon got married at 13 and everything seemed to change, the end. However, Hip Hop and Indie still believe there's a ghost thing going on. The episode soon ends with Metal exclaiming "Why do I even try?".


DUAL MYSTERIES!!! (MyMusic Episode 8)

DUAL MYSTERIES!!! (MyMusic Episode 8)