Don't Panic! at the Disco
In his anger, Metal takes over the MyMusic company.
Episode number 5
Season 1
Airdate May 13, 2012
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"Duck Face" "Back in Black"
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Don't Panic! at the Disco is the fifth episode of MyMusic. In this episode, Metal has had enough of not having a desk and resorts to locking his co-workers up and creating Metal Town.


Indie is having some trouble: he's becoming as mainstream as anybody can be, but he tries to convince himself he needs to be like his ancestors and live the hipster way. Indie seems sick, as Scene must aide him. Indie wants to remind Scene to tell Intern 2 he smells- as an annoyed Intern 2 stands beside Indie, fanning him. Meanwhile, Metal still doesn't have his own workspace, although Techno & Dubstep agree to help him out- however, their idea of a workspace involves many strobe lights and a massive rave. Metal marches into Indie's office, knowing he isn't being treated right. He suggests if Indie maybe gets rid of the Native American who blesses the office every week, maybe the office would have enough money to pay for Metal's workspace. Indie tells the blesser to not feel bad and to close the door. Metal tirades, saying that the time is now for the employees to strike! However, they all have their own opinions on Indie, which makes Metal mad. Hip Hop threatens him with a gun, but Metal tricks him, stealing the gun. He threatens everyone to go upstairs before he fires at anyone. He locks them all up in the conference room, leaving some peace and quiet for him. Thus, he renames MyMusic "Metal Town".


Don't Panic! at the Disco (MyMusic Ep

Don't Panic! at the Disco (MyMusic Ep. 5)