Cover Up
Episode number 17
Season 1
Airdate August 19, 2012
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"Trolling and Jolting" "Party Time"
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Cover Up is the seventeenth episode of MyMusic (show) . In this episode, Hip Hop continues to annoy Intern 2 with his geekiness and Metal finally put the finishing touches to the dance video.


Metal shows the Indie the finished dance video, in which Indie wants to contribute to the video by adding things like subtext andmaking it socially consious by suporting organic farms. Meanwhile, Hip Hop continues to irritate Intern 2 about his personal life. After everyone viewed the video, Idol suggest they should celebrate. Hip Hop tells her that ther's 40s in his desk. However, Idol finds an MP3 play with a playlist of Daughtry in which Hip Hop's nerdy life starts to unveil amongst everyone. However, Intern 2, who also hates Daughtry, covers him by saying it's his and "accuses" Hip Hop for stealing his stuff for selling crack In response, thinking it's really his, Idol slaps him. Meanwhile, Scene gotten an oxpecker for ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) . However, they tell her that they don't need it anymore, much to Scene's dismay because she states she almost gotten killed.


COVER UP!!! (MyMusic Episode 17)

COVER UP!!! (MyMusic Episode 17)