Challenges & Charity!
Episode number 14
Season 2
Airdate November 19, 2013
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"Stand Up For Yourself" "Healing & Dealing"
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Challenges & Charity! is the forty-eighth episode of MyMusic (show). In this episode, for team building, Indie is getting everyone do social challenges, Rayna is still trying to get her father, Metal, to notice her and Scene makes her choice to choose stay in school or at MyMusic.


Country states even though it seems there isn't progress, she feels there is. Including herself, trying to be the company's supportive bra, which leads her fingers on her right hand to break.

To better the employees, Indie gets them to do challenges. The first is the gallon challenge, in which the employees chug jugs of milk. Indie expected them to vomit. However, he himself vomits, even though he isn't the one chugging. The next is the salt and ice challenge, in which the employees put salt on their arms and have an ice cube sit on top of it. Everyone then starts insulting each other. However, Dubstep notices the pain first, with everyone else feels it as well.

Metal sees these challenges as pointless and wishes that he's with his family. However when Rayna pops up to get his attention, Metal remembers he needs to get ready for the next shoot.

When Indie gets everyone to do the cinnamon challenge, Country speaks up to do a worthy cause, such as music education charity through social media by using a crowd funding site and have perks to The Mosh and Podcast. Everyone moans at her idea. However, when Indie repeats the same thing, everyone gets behind him for it, much to Country's dismay, saying it's her idea. However, Metal tells her it sounds better from Indie. Country tries to top it by stating that if the audience donate $100, they can skype with the MyMusic members. However, again, Indie repeats the same thing and everyone agrees. Angry that no one is listening, Country tries to keep her cool.

Meanwhile, at school, Scene runs into Jeff, who is going to class. Scene tells him that she's thinking of dropping out. Before she leaves, Jeff tells her that she's the best thing about the class and decides to ask her out. Confused, she gets a call from Indie and runs off to work.

Back at the company, Scene arrives just as the employees are launching the charity drive. Scene explains to Country what is happening, Country tells Scene that she (Scene) should make the same mistakes she made and regrets it her whole life. It wasn't until she joined several major, minor and made up religions that she finally found what she needed. Country tells her to not listen to Indie as Scene, "What do you want?"

When the charity is launched, Scene gets a call from Jeff. However, instead of answering it, she ignores it.

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