Breaking Up
Episode number 25
Season 1
Airdate October 28, 2012
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"New Boss?" "Choosing Sides"
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Breaking Up is the twenty-fifth episode on MyMusic (show). In this epiosde, Idol takes over MyMusic while Indie is away and Techno is visibly angry at Dubstep for thinking she's not good enough for leadership of the company.


While Indie is gone, Idol takes over Indie's office, along making the camera man as her exclusive camera man. In the meeting room, with the order of Indie to come up with a new show before he returns, Idol tells everyone that the new show would be a panel of everyone's favorite new trends. Because of this, Metal then admits that she's doing a good job. However, in the camera room, Metal is shocked to learn that he's not going to be the director of the show, but Idol's exclusive camera man will be filling that role.

When Techno & Dubstep enter, Idol tells Techno, who's still upset by Dubstep for thinking she's not qualified to be head of the company, that the name Team Awesome is a great name for the new show and makes her second-in-command. Dubstep, however, is shocked that she's taking credit for it because he's the one came up with talk about when Dubstep believed Techno isn't qualified enough to be the head of the company. After he tells Techno the name, she then tweeted the name to Idol. Dubstep soon shows his anger towards to the camera.

Metal then goes into a rant to take over MyMusic again, much to Idol's irritation. Metal then asks who will join him, in which Hip Hop joins. Idols asks, and Hip Hop tells her, "Because I haven't said anything in a while." Dubstep, upset that Techno took the credit for naming the new show, joins, much to Techno's shock. Metal then declares that Metaltown is back.


  • Officially, this is the first episode that has a symbol in the title.
  • In the scene for Metal calls attention to MyMusic, this is the second time he has done this.


BREAKING UP ( - MyMusic Episode 25-0

BREAKING UP ( - MyMusic Episode 25-0