• Eddyboy2002


    January 28, 2014 by Eddyboy2002

    If you saw the new episode, Tina gave birth, Jeff's avetar was cheating, Jeff and Scene broke up, Scene and Intern 2 may be dating because they kissed, and Techno and Dubsteb kissed to see if they would have a spark! WOOOW!

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  • FashionRox669

    Shipping Fanon

    April 15, 2013 by FashionRox669

    In case you haven't noticed, most ships have fan chosen things that represent them. That's called Fanon. MyMusic ships have a lack of Fanon. So, I am counting on all of you MyMusicians to come up with shipping Fanon for everyship with a page on this wiki.

    • Shippers Name
    • Color
    • Song(s)
    • Episode
    • Animal

    So Fanon away!

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  • MrAwesome300

    I have quit.

    September 22, 2012 by MrAwesome300

    Dear fellow MyMusic members,

    I have decided to quit the wiki. I don't watch MyMusic much anymore- I have lost interest in the show and I am really busy these days. Maybe sometime in the future I might come back, but for now I will not. I'm not editing much wikis these days anymore, but if I do, it's because I have picked up something new.

    I remember the day I founded the wiki- MyMusic had around 3 episodes on YouTube at the time and I found it funny. So I made the wiki instead of posting info on a Fine Brothers wiki. It was just me for a little while until some very generous people found the wiki and made it to be the excellence that it is today.

    If anybody has any questions, post in the comments below. I will answer any requests to be an adm…

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